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Buy Discount Food at Our Convenience Store

Low-Cost Convenience

When you feed your family, you want to know you are giving them the best. Our low-cost convenience store allows you to save money, while keeping everyone at home happy.

Fresh Quality Food

When you take your caravan on a long journey, stocking up on fresh food can make it extra enjoyable. When you take your caravan from our yard, stock up on the essentials.

Stock Up on Food

Stock up on your food for the week ahead, or for one of your journeys.


Call: 01709 580 220

Check Out Our Other Caravan Services

Prepare for holidays away by buying Calor Gas.

Wash your caravan before and after your journey.

Let our engine repair your caravan with care.

Store your caravan in an area with 24-hour CCTV.

When you come to store your caravan, why not stop by our convenience store? Whether you want your everyday staples for home or for a journey, you can find what you need at Pastures Discount Foods.

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